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Addis Ababa now homes a distinctly unique and luxury hot spot, a star-designated international restaurant, a joint venture of local and foreign investment, under the banner DownTown Capri lounge and Restaurant (CDT).

The physical Infrastructure which may be characterized by innovative and classic design, expressing the highest sense of architectural instinct, thoroughly and artistically done construction gives one and extraordinary aesthetic experience. Unparalleled. It is only at Capri and only there. This coupled with modern facilities, such as golf court, ultra quality product and service makes CDT really distinctly unique.

1. The building
- Seamlessly integrates the most ancient and primordial, as evidently manifested in its architecture and reconstruction with the concept of a cave and the latest technologies from WI-FI to surveillance cameras, all through the fauna and flora.

2. The Atmosphere
- The building , lighting system, sound system, the furniture and fixture are all innovatively designed to appeal to your mind, soul and spirit; one of the rarest in its kind. Customers enjoy a unique and unmatched experience by itself.

3. Lounge
- Gives the highest and new standards to and redefines what a lounge may be like via its physical expression. It is only the very experience that best expresses it.

4. Product Mix and Lines
- Customers enjoy the highest freedom of choice.

5. Responsible Drinking; Drinking for Recreation
- The way liquor may be marketed, promoted, and consumed at least at the level of point of sale is changed in Ethiopian as never before.

6. Televised Kitchen
- Where you can view whatever is going on in the kitchen via a live television broadcast a technological extension of an open-kitchen concept.

7. Enjoy 24 hours : we provide a 24hr service to our customers