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- DownTown Catering Service is organized to provide professional catering service with the capacity of star-grade level where professionals who are entrusted to render high-end services.

- Your Company has its own house, but no good restaurant?We offer Canteen Services with full equipment, personnel and diversified food to give your workers the energy they need.

- You have a workshop, meeting, conference or banquet for your B2B partners, workers, clients or others? Don’t worry about the food& drinks. We offer you a full-board Business Catering.

- Birthday, Wedding or other special occasions with your family& friends and no one wants to cook? No problem, we do it for you with our  Event Catering Service. In the place you like, in the way you wish and always in time.

You want to enjoy your meal at home? Then take it away or buy just at our shop window. The [staff food] project may generally have the following major components:

Soon: You have not enough time to come to our places? No worries we come to your area with our food truck.

Catering Experience

In this regard, there are two major contracts we are currently handling and a third one in last phase of signing a deal: East Africa Tiger Brand Industries and CCRDA.

East Africa Tiger Brand Industries(EATBI) is a joint venture of South African and Ethiopian investments,where its production facilities are installed in the industrial district of DUKEM some 42 km from Addis Ababa. Its employs some 2000 people. and with new factories being installed now and in the time a head, it will have more space for more employees.Our company has been awarded the bid to feed some 2000 employees every day.

CCRDA - Consortium of Christian Relief and Development Association (formely known as CRDA) is a well known and respected international NGO, and a consortium of more than 320 NGOs. It has its own convention facility where it accommodates meetings, and seminars of member organizations and other users. This is where our catering and banquet services are rendered regularly, on a daily basis.